Welcome to the 'Silver Lake Carp Fishery' website. 

Nestled in Lincolnshire is a stunning, yet very mature lake consisting of clay & sand that has been left over the decades to flourish under natures terms until recently, we have aquired this lake to give carp anglers a genuine chance of big, beautifull carp in stunning surroundings. Our objectives and aims over the next few years are to provide an out and out big fish water that rivals any, and that day ticket anglers have the choice of fishing without paying 'exclusive' sky high syndicate fees. Whilst it's not a runs water it does indeed contain some of the best looking fish in the North today, we would rather have quality, stunning looking fish over quantity, all of our fish stocked to date have been hand picked by some of the very best Carp suppliers in the UK inc VS Fisheries, ECF Fisheries & AJS Fisheries. Do check the rules page before commencing fishing, note this venue is on an advanced booking system.

*Limited no of Season Tickets 200/yr (no time limits!)* Phone Cal for details.

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